Johnette Rodriguez of the Providence Phoenix:

“In this open, airy, earthy, but chic ambiance, I think anyone could be cheerful, even on a rainy day. But this was a bright, sunny, truly-spring day, the popping colors outside matched by tall Bloody Marys and fresh-squeezed juices inside…

….Bill followed that up with something he’d had a hankering for — steak and eggs — and I went with the fish cakes. Ordered “medium rare,” the two triangular beef cuts on Bill’s plate thrilled him with their pinkness and their flavor (we were told it was a shoulder cut that had been marinated). The over-easy eggs and home fries were expertly executed, with a bit of onion and plenty of paprika on the potatoes.”

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Newport Patch:

“The open kitchen and floor plan, water feature, and impressive wine rack all add to the chic ambiance. The bar is made from reclaimed wood from the former Eastern Ice building to incorporate some of the same feel from the former spot. Floor to ceiling glass doors in the front of the building allow for natural light and can be opened in the warmer months. The exposed steel beams add an industrial touch, but they are there for a reason: potential plans for expansion to accommodate groups on a second floor…

…Even on the first night the food and service did not disappoint. Familiar menu items such as the Element Salad, Margherita Pizza, and Bistro Steak are back, in addition to new items as well. Prices remain about the same and the open kitchen concept allows for customers to see their food being prepared or their pizza being cooked in the special

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Sean DeBobes of GoLocalProv:

“Sometimes you just can sense when a restaurant is hitting its stride… even all the way from Newport to Providence. Sean DeBobes crossed the bridge to check in at The Fifth Element, one of the newest comers on Broadway’s restaurant row. Here are the five things he wants you to know.”

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